Remotion. A step back is a step forward.

In many companies, people take a step back in the hierarchy; that is called a demotion. Sometimes they do so voluntarily, because they want more spare time or want to balance their work and life. Often they are imposed to demote because they are victims of an internal quarrel, as a result of a saving round or a merger. You then keep your work, but at a lower level.


That seems simple, but demotion provokes an individual both business wise and emotionally. Because, how do you prepare for a voluntary demotion? How do you cope with an imposed demotion? And how do you, as an employer, ensure that the employee stays motivated?


In 280 pages the authors explain what demotion is, what phases you go through and what the tips are for the person involved and for the HR manager. In addition to experts – lawyers, coaches, psychotherapists – you can find 14 testimonies of imposed and voluntarily demotees.