“The subject of demotion / readjustment can not be emphasized enough in the rapidly changing environment of today. The book offers fascinating insights and testimonies about how unnecessary frustrations and blockages can be redirected to motivation and regained balance.”


Ivan De Witte
Chairman Hudson Europe

“Occasionally you need a crowbar. Someone who breaks a lance, or a book that suddenly makes you look at the facts in a different way. “Remotion, a step back is a step forward” by Tanja Verheyen and Bob Vermeir is such a crowbar. In these times of ‘always ahead’, a plea for a step aside is even about as fresh and wise. A must, because it brings you to other insights. And you sometimes need that to be able to move forward again.”

Ivan De Vadder
Political analyst VRT NWS and presenter De Afspraak on Friday

“In times when change is the only constant, companies have to constantly adjust their organization, which obviously has an impact on employees, but at the same time you want to treat employees with respect. Though, you cannot always guarantee that employees can retain the same function. Internal mobility is essential, but ‘demotion’ is a reality in this context, and I am convinced that a good framework of remotion can be an opportunity for a better understanding of oneself and for renewed learning – a key moment in a career, that strengthens. Tanja Verheyen and Bob Vermeir show us how it can be done. ”

Bert Van Rompaey
Head of HR BNP Paribas Fortis

“The book” Remotie, A step back is a step forward “perfectly illustrates that we have to stop holding on to an “always wanting higher” culture in companies. In a more ‘flat’ organization we can evolve to a flattening careers where new challenges and experiences make it exciting, rather than additional titles or hierarchical functions, and here too we must accept that we have reached the limits.”


Saskia Van Uffelen
CEO Ericsson

“Active aging brings a new perspective on the players in the labor market: how to change your career at a slightly older age, step aside, get a push, choose new horizons, set your life milestones differently … These are many questions that Tanja Verheyen and Bob Vermeir seek to answer in a positive way.

The book “Remotion, a step back, is a step forward” is more than just a must. It can clearly help to develop your own personal plan. It teaches you to look differently towards past, present and future.”


Norbert De Batselier
Former Director, National Bank of Belgium

“The open and deeply human testimony of Peter Leyman in the book” Remotion, a step back is a step forward “has led to a new and revolutionary vision of older employees at KBC. Dialogue and respect are the starting points of our policy whereby employees choose how they organize the last years of their career. Our goal is that employees can “round off” with a good feeling and can look back on what they have achieved. That their company continues to value them until the last day means a lot to them.”

Erik Luts
Member Executive Committee KBC Group

“Education and work represent one of the most dramatic upheavals. Managers and CEOs will have to find new ways to come to innovative organizations. Remotion thereby becomes the new normal; a lifelong career in which promotion and remotion alternate as successive seasons. Tanja and Bob have succeeded in making this new standard negotiable with a powerful message.”


Jef Staes
Author, speaker, business and culture innovation expert

“We have to work with more, and we have to work longer. To achieve this, we must focus on sustainable employability of people through a personalized approach. Remotion is a possible way to keep someone working longer in a meaningful and respectful way. The book “Remotion, A step back is a step forward” has the merit that taking a step back in your career is a solution rather than a problem. The book contributes to the debate and helps to break a taboo.”


David Ducheyne
President of HRPRO.be